SNEAK PEAK: 2021-2022

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We have been busy working non-stop to make the Fall and Spring of 2021-2022 AMAZING!

Take a peak at some of the engaging topics we'll be studying in our Elementary program next school year...

Camel and Pyramids


Travel back in time to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Rome. Investigate mummies, myths, and mysteries in our awesome hands-on projects.


Discover what life was really like during the early Medieval Period. Take part in a medieval banquet, and survive our Escape Room.  



Explore the world of BOTANY using hands-on projects, fun experiments, and of course, getting our hands dirty with gardening and worm composting!


Learn about CHEMISTRY without the complex math and algorithms. Discover and apply chemistry concepts to real-world experiences.


Study the amazing world of the skies in our ASTRONOMY unit. Visit the stars and planets, learn about constellations and track the phases of the moon like never before.  

Row of Colored Pencils


Join us as we review skills such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs, capitalization and punctuation, and beginning writing. 

Then dive into Story Elements with fun group and individual projects.

Focus on Writing Personal Narratives, Informative/Explanatory, Opinion, and Writing for Different Purposes in fun and non-stressful ways.


Explore fun themes such as Back to School Bonanza, Pumpkins Galore, Flower Power, and lots more!  

Writing by the Water

Upper Elementary LANGUAGE ARTS

Start the year off with a basic review of skills, then dive right into our amazing Language Arts program! 


Sharpen those reading and writing skills like a sleuth and solve mysteries, interview suspects, and write up a final who-dunnit report. 


Students will work intensively on Fiction and Non-fiction writing and literature through group and individual projects. 


Learn how to diagram sentences and WHY we study this concept. 

Take a peak at what we've got planned for our Middle and Upper School programs next school year...

Plant Biologist

Upper and Middle School


Get ready to deep dive into BOTANY and CHEMISTRY in our exciting courses.

Students will spend one semester studying botany, and the other semester studying chemistry. For high school students, our classes include varied instruction and higher level concepts.


Not your grandma's Botany.


Using living books, journaling, and hands-on activities, students learn about the importance of plants throughout history. Learn how plants have impacted society from medicine, to food, to dyes. 


Explore the world of CHEMISTRY in an unorthodox crazy labs and no algebra pre-requisites. Using living books, hands-on activities and discussion, we will take abstract Chemistry concepts and convert them into real life application through fun and exciting projects. 

This course will be unlike any typical School-Setting Chemistry course out there. 

Ancients Coins


Middle School students will learn about ancient civilizations-early medieval period during the 2021-2022 school year.

Upper School students will spend the first semester studying Ancient European History, and Macro Economics in the second semester. 


Our upper level courses combine discussion, research projects, group and individual work, as well as a variety of hands-on tasks to engage student learning. Both text books and living books are used. 



Large Theatre


Students continue to hone their writing and communication skills with essays, research, and study skills. 


Our Literature classes are based on a Book Club format with robust discussion of classical literature, poetry, and plays.

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