COVID Precautions
  • Students in Elementary and above will be required to wear a mask as long as we are under mask mandates. You may choose what type of mask you would like for your child to wear. 

  • Teachers will wear masks or face shields.

  • Students with any symptoms of sickness associated with COVID will not be allowed on site. 

  • Any children who develop a fever over 99.9 will have a parent called to pick up.

  • We will sanitize tables, chairs, light switches, doorknobs, and heavily used equipment daily after classes have ended.

  • Students will be encouraged to wash hands or use hand sanitizer before eating snacks or lunch. 

  • Classrooms will have hand sanitizer easily accessible to all students.

  • We ask that parents please take each child's temperature before coming to classes. If a temperature is recorded, please refrain from coming to the Learning Center.

Hand Hygiene